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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas at Papa and Grandma's

The Christmas fun continues at Papa and Grandma's house!  We all put on our Sunday best for Christmas Eve Mass and then came back to a delicious dinner Grandma had prepared.  Papa and Grandma continued their tradition of giving Livi a recordable story (this year they recited "Santa Claus is Coming to Town") which she loved!

The next morning we were all spoiled with more wonderful gifts.  Josh and Livi also humored me by wearing our matching family PJs one more time.  I'm going to bet those one-piece jammies are not going to fit for a third year next Christmas!

The spoiling continued later that day when Uncle Drew and Aunt Lisa arrived.  One of the many gifts they brought Livi was a trunk full of princess dress up clothes.  They sure know the way to a 2 year old's heart!  The whole family got in on the dress up fun and a parade ensued.  Even Uncle Drew and Aunt Lisa's dog, Charlotte, joined in the fun!

Another one of my favorite traditions we continued was going to Chicago for some fun in the city and then spending the night in a hotel.  This year we checked out the Lincoln Park Zoo.  It looked gorgeous for Christmas, but was also VERY cold since it was right next to the lake.  Afterward we warmed up and had some dinner at R.J. Grunts.  The food was very yummy and also had a bit nostalgia for Papa and Grandma as it used to one of their favorite hangouts in their younger days.

We rounded out our trip with a Christmas party at Great Papa and Great Grandma Szafarczyk's house.  Everyone had a great time playing BINGO (Olivia enjoyed helping everyone pick out their prizes) and eating lots of yummy food.  Olivia also had fun playing with the Govert girls.  Audrey and Jocelyn are great big sisters and Karissa and Olivia have years of trouble making ahead of them!

If you are ready for some serious cuteness overload, checkout the video above.  Papa interviewed Olivia on Christmas morning and results were simply adorable!

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